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Advocating in the Halls

Finney Law Firm, LLC works to “Make a Difference” for our clients through aggressive and creative strategies advocating for our clients in legislative, regulatory, zoning and land use and licensing matters.

Many “advocates” approach this challenge by either bowing to government demands or by seeking a compromise that is on one-sided terms unfavorable to the client.  And certainly we consider and explore those options.  But we also excel at taking a more confrontational approach to overzealous government actors by asking the question: “Do they even have the right to do what they are doing or seek what they are seeking?”

The reality is that most bad decisions of government actors are legal.  The Courts give them tremendous flexibility to fleece and oppress the common citizen and businesses.  Thus, while a piece of legislation or enforcement action may be bad policy or practice, they are allowed and empowered to do what they are doing.  However, occasionally, government officials step over the line of propriety as defined by the U.S. and Ohio Constitutions, federal or state statute or other legal principal.  And it is in those instances in which we delight in pursuing our client’s legal remedies with enthusiasm.

It is this approach that took our firm to three U.S. Supreme Court victories, the first certified and successful class action ever against the Internal Revenue Service, numerous victories in state and federal trial and appellate courts in dozens of wins in litigation against cities, villages, townships, school boards and state governments.  So, we have found you “can fight City Hall,” and can win, and turn the tables on them and make them pay your legal fees.