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Are You At Risk For An Employment Lawsuit?

As an employer, chances are you’ll be sued by an employee at some point. While there’s no way to prevent a disgruntled worker from initiating a lawsuit, there are steps you can take to assist in your defense if a lawsuit is filed against you.

Finney Law Firm combines in-depth legal knowledge with focused, practical experience to minimizing potential exposure in the areas of:

  • Establishing Effective Employment Policies and Practices
  • Drafting Employment Contracts.
  • Protecting Confidentiality and Trade Secrets.

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An employment lawsuit can disrupt your work environment and damage your reputation with your employees, your customers, and the public.

At Finney Law Firm, we help many employers defend against employee lawsuits, but the best solution to an employment problem is prevention.

Our approach is to identify, educate clients about, and address legal issues on the front end, with a view toward helping clients limit expensive and protracted litigation on the back end.

Our lawyers counsel local, regional and national companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including high technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transportation, printing, public utilities, banking, financial services, retailing, health care, and construction.

At Finney Law Firm, we address problems by applying practical, timely strategies to minimize risk and prevent employment disputes from arising in the first place.