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Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer


There are many times individuals or businesses find themselves in situations where they are in over their heads with debt.  Whether the issue arises from job loss, medical bills, economic challenges or other causes, the stress and struggle with creditors can be overwhelming. If you need a Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer call the Finney Law Firm.

Finney Law Firm has experience representing both individuals and businesses in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  We also assist our clients in working with creditors toward debt restructuring and settlement.

Our bankruptcy attorneys work closely with the client to understand and evaluate the total financial picture.  Based on this discovery work, the team endeavors to find cost-effective, creative and efficient strategies in applying the relevant bankruptcy law to our client’s specific case. Our goal is to recommend the proper avenue to successfully free our clients from the financial and psychological burdens of overwhelming debt – getting our client to their best outcome.

For an example of how we have made a difference in this area for our clients, click here.

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Contact us to see how a Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer from the Finney Law Firm can make a difference in effectively dealing with bankruptcy.

  • At Finney Law Firm, we work relentlessly to develop value-based services, with our clients objectives and bottom-line in mind. We do this with cutting-edge legal strategies and utilization of technology, allowing us to keep pace with the demands of our clients’ own challenging business environments. We look forward to serving you.
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