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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

When our team of professionals came together to form Finney Law Firm, we began with a sense of purpose: to make a positive difference for our clients, our profession, and the communities in which we live.

The stories below show the power of our focus on outcomes and how we made a difference for our clients by knowledgeably and practically applying our expertise in the field of law.

In Garfield Heights yard-sign case Finney Law Firm clinches third win at United States Supreme Court

By Christopher P. Finney

It takes knowledge of the law to be a good attorney, certainly.  And we also must be diligent and responsive in the practice of law.  But occasionally it takes a few more things to take the practice of law to the “next level” and “make a difference” for our clients: Creativity, knowledge of the shifting landscape … READ MORE

So, literally, our client wakes up one morning and has no curb cut to his business

By Christopher P. Finney

In perhaps the most audacious litigation gambit I have been involved with for a client, we resuscitated a failed Ohio Supreme Court case with a U.S. District Court action that rendered a favorable settlement for our client over…the elimination of his curb cut. Curbs serve several purposes on a roadway: They are part of the … READ MORE

Specific performance in real estate contracts

A recent Enquirer article highlighted Specific Performance as a remedy in real estate contracts. Specific Performance, as opposed to money damages, means that the judge will order the parties to a contract to complete the contract. This is a rarely used remedy. In the case covered by the Enquirer, the seller is seeking an order … READ MORE

Digging deep to recover for client defrauded

By Christopher P. Finney

A few years back, I received a call from a real estate investor in Chicago.  As the housing crisis was hitting its depths in around 2009-2010, a local Realtor had decided to engage in “flipping” properties, buying for a low price, fixing them up and quickly re-selling them. The Realtor convinced my client to invest … READ MORE

Helping our client through one complicated mess

By Christopher P. Finney

Our client was in a difficult spot: He had loaned a real estate investor some $130,000 to buy single family homes, renovate them, and then re-sell them.  “Flipping” it is called. Of course, none of this was documented initially:  No note, no mortgage, no contract. As it turns out, the “investor” was a scammer.  He … READ MORE

Knowledge strategy persistence yield two supreme court victories

By Christopher P. FinneyCurt C. Hartman

The twin wins of the Finney Law Firm before the United States Supreme Court in 2014 have roots in a case that has had broad impact in the law, in ethics, in politics, and in the media. In 2009, our attorneys commenced their representation of David Krikorian in charges of “false claims” before the Ohio Elections Commission over allegations … READ MORE

Keeping professional in business pending licensure appeal

Our firm was recently approached by a client with a difficult personal and professional situation.  The board that regulates his license had voted to permanently revoke his license and end his career. Fortunately, at least in the interim, we were able to save his license and allow him to provide for his family pending the … READ MORE

When it’s best not to litigate – creatively resolving a costly defamation suit

Recently, a business client came to us with a mess on his hands. Two transportation companies and their principals were suing one another for defamation over a variety of fairly minor claims of false and foolish statements posted to several websites.  Our client denied making these online statements. The allegations were petty and damages were either non-existent or … READ MORE

Our attorneys are active in the community

Making a Difference in Our Communities

Chris Finney

Christopher P. Finney

Mr. Finney serves on the Boards of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law and the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes. He was also the southwest Ohio co-Chairman of the Kasich for Governor Campaign Committee. He has also previously chaired the Hamilton County Tax Levy Review Committee.

Bradley Gibson

Bradley M. Gibson

Mr. Gibson is a member of the Volunteer Lawyers Project, which provides legal services to low-income citizens in southwest Ohio through cases referred to it from the Legal Aid Society. As a member of the Volunteer Lawyers Project, Mr. Gibson provides pro bono legal services to individuals who do not have the resources to pay for legal representation. He also volunteers as the head coach of the Northern Kentucky Hockey Association’s Junior Varsity Team. Additionally, Mr. Gibson serves as the Vice President of the Moeller High School Alumni Association.

Isaac Heintz

Isaac T. Heintz

Mr. Heintz serves as Secretary and Board Member of the Northside Business Association (NBA), which acts as a resource for all Northside businesses and works to vitalize Northside.

Richard Turner

Richard P. Turner

Mr. Turner is a member of the Volunteer Lawyers Project and volunteers his time and legal knowledge with Wills for Heroes. The Volunteer Lawyers Project refers low-income clients’ private attorneys who offer legal advice or take on cases pro bono. Wills for Heroes provides legal documents to America’s first responders.