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Labor & Employment Law

Labor & Employment Law

The field of Labor and Employment Law, in Greater Cincinnati and elsewhere, has become a vast and complicated maze of Federal and State laws and the common law. It can be extremely challenging for employers and employees to fully understand their rights and responsibilities in this area, and to know where they stand at any given time. Businesses and workers can make critical mistakes without realizing it, and the costs of those mistakes can be enormous.

Employment discrimination claims – such as sex discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination, and disability discrimination – are on the rise every year. Claims of sexual harassment, retaliation, whistleblowing, Family and Medical Leave Act violations, and minimum wage and overtime claims are likewise growing.

The attorneys of Finney Law Firm are sharply focused on helping clients to deal with these issues proactively, and to make sure their rights and interests are vigorously protected and defended. We work with public and private employers and employees to effectively deal with litigation, government agencies, and individual employment issues that arise during the employment relationship.

From prosecuting and defending employment discrimination and harassment claims, to preparing effective employee handbooks, to helping clients with complicated wage and hour and overtime issues, to drafting and defending non-competition agreements and other employment contracts, we are focused on using the law, our experience, and our passion to obtain the best possible outcomes for those we represent.

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