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Corporate Transactional

Corporate Transactional

We view sound and sophisticated transactional documents and strategies as “Pillars of Strength” that can create a strong foundation for your personal and business affairs and, as your business grows, that defend and strengthen protections for what you have spent years – and in many cases a lifetime – building. Our objective is to “Make a Difference” for your business by properly documenting the many transactional undertakings you may make.

  • Properly conceived and drawn transactional documents can speed decision-making, eliminate or minimize disputes and simplify dispute resolution.
  • Well-considered and implemented strategies can eliminate or minimize local, state and federal taxes.
  • Title insurance and solid real estate documentation can establish and protect title to real property and related rights.
  • Good employment agreements and practices will assure proper incentives to and protections from employer/employee relationships.
  • Carefully drawn agreements and cautious strategies can protect your company’s valuable intellectual property rights.
  • Conservative risk management practices and regulatory compliance can enhance asset protection.
  • Sophisticated and carefully-drawn estate planning documents combined with deft estate administration can assure disposition of your personal assets.
  • Finally, thoughtful and sophisticated strategies can smooth business succession planning, and ultimately assure appropriate transfer of assets before or upon death.

Our experienced transactional attorneys and team of seasoned paralegals have decades of experience in corporate law, asset protection, regulatory confrontation and compliance, succession planning, estate planning and estate and trust administration. Each has a deep understanding of the statutes, common law, and forms and procedures necessary and appropriate for creating and protecting your business and protecting and directing disposition of your assets.

We regularly provide sophisticated counsel to closely held corporations and limited liability companies, as well as to sole owners of entities. Our work ranges from start-ups, to businesses already with a rich history, and those that are fast-growing to those simply maintaining their profitability. Our attorneys serve in the capacity as outside “general counsel” to small businesses and work with your CEO, CFO or in-house attorneys. Our representation also extends to non-profit entities and local and state governments.

We, of course, could use cookie-cutter form documents for many transactions, but our objective is to tailor our work to the client’s specific needs, always seeking to seize opportunities and minimize risk with both sophistication and, where possible, simplicity.

Examples of our corporate work include:

  • Formation of new entities – corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, joint ventures and other cooperative enterprises – along with the documentation of buy-sell agreements, membership agreements, and partnership or joint venture agreements, with both debt and equity participation.
  • Corporate mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, dispositions and dissolutions.
  • Employment agreements, arbitration agreements, and non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements.
  • Corporate governance.
  • A wide variety of regulatory compliance, from employment to zoning.
  • Development and implementation of risk management strategies.
  • A deep understanding of real estate and real estate title. Along with our title insurance company – that writes policies for First American Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Land Title – our attorneys can assure that the real estate you buy is real estate that you own and can use for the purposes intended.
  • Negotiate and draft construction and development agreements.
  • Negotiate and draft a variety of other contracts with employees, vendors, and customers.
  • Trademark and Servicemark protection.
  • Financing and security documentation, whether for a borrower, lender or guarantor.
  • Wills, trusts, living wills, and other estate planning documents, whether simple or complex, and for estates and trusts large and small.
  • Probate and trust administration in Ohio.

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