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Small Business Solutions Group

Small Business Solutions Group

Now, more than ever, small businesses and their owners are facing uncertainty, operational challenges, employment issues, decline and general worry over what the future might hold. A business owner’s vast responsibilities can become overwhelming and take them away from the key qualities they possess that make them successful.

To address the new landscape and provide practical and creative solutions to small business owners, Finney Law Firm has created a unique practice area called Small Business Solutions Group, which acts as “in house” advisers and implementors at reasonable and reliable fixed-fee rates. By engaging with us, we will become an extension of and trusted team members to the business owner. We are solution centric providing tangible results in an efficient and measurable way.

Is your small business protected?

We develop a profound understanding of each client’s business and provide professional judgment, emotional intelligence, candor, and experience tailored to the business’s risk tolerance and business goals and objectives. We improve our client’s experience by resolving challenges before they turn into large legal or operational concerns. This model rewards efficiency, output, and meaningful results, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their businesses.

By engaging with Finney Law Firm’s Small Business Solutions Group, you will be taking a proactive and protective approach that is not only affordable, but creates a long-standing trust relationship with a firm that Makes a Difference for their clients, both personally and professionally.


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