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Business & Commercial Litigation

Business & Commercial Litigation

Business disputes are an unfortunate reality of operating a business, whether with employees, vendors, customers, or others.

When these disputes arise, frequently the wisest option is to avoid litigation, as it is invariably expensive, lengthy, and time-consuming. The outcome. even in many of the clearest cases, can be unpredictable. It is imperative that the professionals of the Finney Law Firm must first start by listening to the client and understanding what their best outcome looks like.

Finney Law Firm’s litigation team, led by Bradley Gibson and Casey Taylor, carefully counsel clients on relevant case law and work to build a set of options/scenarios before undertaking the route of litigation.

We develop and pursue creative, assertive, and effective strategies designed to avoid or expedite the process where feasible, always with the client’s best outcome in mind.

Still, litigation is frequently unavoidable, either because our client must defend litigation or pursue a meritorious claim. Having an experienced Cincinnati commercial lawyer on your side becomes a huge asset.

Finney Law Firm’s experienced team of trial and appellate lawyers can address disputes spanning traditional litigation, as well as alternate dispute resolution such as:

  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

In addition to trial advocacy, we are experienced and sophisticated appellate litigators. We have successfully litigated three cases at the US Supreme Court, overturning unanimous decisions at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals each time, and have won numerous cases at the Ohio Supreme Court. In addition to these two highest courts, we have successfully pursued dozens of cases at the federal and state courts of appeals (and lost a few too!).

Supreme Court

In dispute resolution issues, we focus on applying our experience to educate our clients on their options and empowering them to choose the path to the best resolution.

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