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Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Our Mission

The professionals at Finney Law Firm strive to make a positive difference for our clients by providing a broad array of high-quality, customized legal services for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Our Vision

We are committed to the honest, timely, competent, responsive, creative, and courteous practice of law, with accountability from top to bottom in our organization.

Our Values

At Finney Law Firm, four key standards define our work:

  • Integrity: We are honest and forthright in everything we do.
  • Accountability: We meet or exceed our commitments.
  • Communication: We keep our clients informed, every step of the way.
  • Excellence: We consistently deliver high-quality, customized legal services.

Our first responsibility is to our clients. We endeavor to find cost-effective, creative, and aggressive strategies to address legal opportunities and problems to achieve the outcome our clients desire.

Our second responsibility is to our profession. We respect and advance the privilege we have to practice law before the United States Supreme Court down to each state in which our attorneys are licensed.

Our third responsibility is to our team. We value every member within our organization, from vendors to attorneys and everyone in between. Our emphasis has been, and will always be, ability, performance, and personal character. Each employee receives fair and adequate wages and benefits, and we provide an uplifting work environment to keep everyone on top of their game.

Our final responsibility is to our community. We strive to be good, productive citizens. Finney Law Firm supports various programs/charities, as well as paying our fair share in taxes.