Hamilton County Auditor reports on final outcome of property revaluations

On the home page of the web site of Hamilton County Auditor Brigid Kelly, she has a blog.  In today’s entry on that blog, is her final rundown of valuation increases in each neighborhood of Cincinnati and each other city, village and township in Hamilton County.  It also shows the net tax increase after the state statutory rollbacks are included.

That accounting is here.  For homeowners and real estate professionals, it is enlightening.  Here are some highlights:

  • The Cincinnati neighborhood with the greatest valuation increase is East Westwood at 84.12%.
  • The Cincinnati neighborhood with the smallest valuation increase is the Central Business District at 6.55% (the residential neighborhoods with the smallest increase are English Woods and Fay Apartments).
  • The overall increase throughout the City of Cincinnati is 26.65%.
  • In Hamilton County, the political subdivision with the greatest increase is Lincoln Heights at 69.23%.
  • In Hamilton County, the political subdivision with the smallest increase is Mariemont at 12.6%.
  • The overall increase throughout Hamilton County is 28.35%.

She also shares the impact of the Ohio property tax rollback, that automatically rolls back rates as valuations climb.

  • Inside the City of Cincinnati, while values climbed 26.65%, taxes levied increased “only” 16.05%, meaning the rate rolled back a net 10.6%.
  • In Hamilton County, the values jumped 28.35%, but taxes hiked only 11.74%, meaning the average rate rollback was 16.61%.

Great reading.  Enjoy!

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