Twin First Amendment wins at the U.S. Supreme Court

It has been simply remarkable month for the Finney Law Firm.

We won two separate cases for our client, COAST at the United States Supreme Court, Susan B. Anthony List and COAST v. Ohio Elections Commission announced on June 16th and COAST Candidates PAC v. Ohio Elections Commission announced on June 23.

They are two cases brought one year apart, dealing with two separate “False Claims” statutes of the state of Ohio.  The Supreme Court’s decisions did not strike the offending statutes, but rather simply ruled that COAST had “standing” to be in Court raise the constitutional arguments.

The first case is now back in front of U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black and the second is in front of U.S. District Court Judge Michael Barrett.  We expect both will take an additional two-to-three years to fully adjudicate.

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