House Bill 343 aims to eliminate teacher salary schedule

House Bill 343, which addresses a number of education issues, is currently  pending in the House Education Committee. On November 13, 2014, a provision was addedto the Bill to eliminate the minimum teacher salary schedule from state law. Under the current law, the minimum salary schedule provides a framework for paying teachers commensurate with their experience. Critics of the minimum salary schedule have long pushed for a merit-based salary system under which teachers would receive salary increases based on performance rather than experience. Proponents of the salary schedule argue that it aids low-income districts in attracting teachers, and helps prevent discrimination. Teacher pay remains a divisive issue and there is sure to be opposition from democrats and teacher unions as the Bill moves through the General Assembly. The Bill must pass through the House and Senate before it can become law, and will likely be amended a number of times before it reaches the Governor’s desk. We will be following House Bill 343 as it makes its way through the legislature.