Finney Law Firm files suit to obtain Public Records related to Secret Payoffs made by Clerk of Courts Aftab Pureval

As part of his political “house cleaning” when he first took office, Aftab Pureval paid severance packages to outgoing employees and required that they sign non-disclosure agreements. Local government watchdog Mark Miller asked for copies of these records, only to be ignored by Aftab Pureval.

Now, six weeks after Pureval received the request, and with no response whatsoever from Pureval, Finney Law Firm filed suit to force the release of the requested records.

It is expected that the records will show that Pureval used attorneys other than his official statutory counsel in drafting these agreements, and that the agreements are legally unenforceable; that they were simply a means of coercing former employees into silence as he prepared his run for higher office.

Read the complaint below or click here to view it on Scribd.

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