Ohio real estate law: Attention Ohio residential rental property owners: Registration with County Auditor is required

You are an investor buying and renting residential real property.  And, yes, the Ohio legislature has decided that you do not have enough paperwork to handle already!

O.R.C. Chapter 5323, enacted ten years ago, requires registration of  residential real property with the County Auditor by its owner.

The rule applies only in urban counties, counties with more than 200,000 in population.  Presently, qualifying counties are: Butler,  Cuyahoga,  Franklin, Hamilton, Lake, Lorain, Lucas, Mahoning, Montgomery, Summit, Lorain, and Trumbull.

Once your property is registered, there is no need to re-file annually, and there is no fee for the filing.

For properties with co-owners, only one of them is required to file. The filing is required within 60 days following the day a real property conveyance form for that property is filed with the county auditor. The fine for failure to timely file the form is up to $150.00. against the property that is the subject of the violation.

The Hamilton County form, on which multiple properties can be listed at once, is linked here.