Why do we Tweet?

You will notice that the Finney Law Firm is active in social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.  We also use Constant Contact to bring emailed announcements and legal news to our clients.

Here’s why:

We live in a complex  and fast-changing business world.  Clients need to know both (i) relevant foundational issues and the latest developments in the law and (ii) when and whom to contact for help when they are outside of their comfort zone of addressing an issue.  In short, they need to know how to spot opportunities and troubles in the horizon and specifically whom to call for help.

At the Finney Law Firm, we don’t handle every type of legal issue.  There are certain matters in which we have capability and capacity, and for those we want to alert the public we are the firm to contact.  For others, perhaps we can assist you in finding just the right counsel to solve your problem.

Our outreach to the community in social media is aimed at keeping you informed as to emerging issues in the law as well as how we can assist you in addressing them.  In short, it is part of how we are “making a difference” in the business and personal lives of our clients.

Please follow us on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  If you are not receiving our Constant Contact emailed announcements, subscribe by writing to us at [email protected].



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