Yes, we do video: Chris Finney discusses “early occupancy” in residential contracts with Ken Meyers of Option Financial

Ken Meyers of Ohio Financial (513.328.1341) has invited me to do with him a series of video chats on issues of importance in the residential real estate marketplace.  We will be posting them here.

This is the first one on the topic of the typically unwise practice of allowing a buyer to have early occupancy of a property before a closing has taken place. The short answer is: don’t do it. Ever.

That first video entry is linked here.  Here also is a blog entry I have written on the same topic.

Ken is a residential mortgage lender with whom our team has had great experiences and we certainly would recommend him for your consideration.

Let me (513.943.6655) know if you have considerations of early occupancy, you need us to document an agreement for early occupancy, or we can help extricate you from a situation of early occupancy.