Ohio Real Estate Law: Finney Law Firm wins yet another “Point-of-Sale Inspections” class action

In May, Finney Law Firm notched its fourth in a series of wins in class actions against point-of-sale inspection ordinances in Ohio and Kentucky.  Previous judgments or settlements have been achieved against Covington, Kentucky, Oakwood, Ohio and Portsmouth, Ohio.  Each Ohio case was co-counseled with attorney Maurice Thompson and the non-profit law firm the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law.

It seems to have become a trend for municipalities to enact ordinances that mandate municipal inspections of rental properties (interior and exterior) either before a new tenant moves in or annually and pre-sale.  Very simply, all of these ordinances are unconstitutional searches of property under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Maurice Thompson of the 1851 Center has proficiently developed and pursued this line of cases and the legal theory underlying each case.

Our suits have succeeded in each instance in obtaining injunctive relief against the impermissible enactment, and the class action recovers the illegally-obtained inspection fees for the property owners affected.

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