Ohio Election Law: Ohio Attorney General’s Office Pursues Contempt Charges Against Rob Richardson

The Finney Law Firm and lead attorney Curt Hartman doggedly pursued discipline by the Ohio Elections Commission in the case of dark money spent against Christopher Smitherman in his 2013 election campaign to Cincinnati City Council.

Mysteriously, more than $300,000 in mailers, flyers and radio and television advertisements were issued during the closing weeks of the campaign, but no committee fessed up to making those expenditures or disclosing their sources of funds.

In July, the Ohio Elections Commissioner finally, after years of litigation found that the wrongdoers had in fact systematically violated Ohio elections law and fined them $15,000.

But the key player in that saga, Cincinnati union leader Rob Richardson, steadfastly refused to submit  to a deposition or present his testimony before the Ohio Elections Commission.

This past week, the Ohio Attorney General initiated a contempt action against Richardson for ignoring a lawfully-issued subpoena.

You may read that suit here.  You may read Smitherman’s press release relating to the same here.

Our firm was pleased to represent the distinguished council member Christopher Smitherman in this action and was pleased to win it after years of delay from the Ohio Elections Commission.

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