What we mean by “Making a Difference”

I was recently at a social forum with attorneys and Judges and three separate participants made some reference to our firm tag line of “Making a Difference.”  I am thrilled that the marketing thrust  seems to have penetrated with the legal community, and indeed with our client base as well.

This is so because to me “Making a Difference” is more than just a tag line, but rather embodies the objective each of our professionals has as we approach legal opportunities and challenges — “how can we provide value to the client in this assignment?”

The practice of law is a challenging discipline, and can devolve into the rote provision of services in exchange for an hourly rate.  It can be difficult, given the inefficiencies and vicissitudes of the legal system, to provide a positive net outcome for the client in litigation, or even in transactional services.

Thus, we have attuned our professionals to strategize and to discuss with the client — from the intake of the case forward — how we can structure the relationship, proceed with the case, and bring it to conclusion, in a manner that limits the client’s risk and maximizes his return.

Our tag line, which is becoming familiar to the Cincinnati and northern Kentucky community, is at the heart of our aspiration in each case we undertake.  Please let us “Make a Difference” for you.