Update on COAST “Tweets” case

For those following the COAST “Tweets” case, three years into the case we had oral argument Friday before Judge Mike Barrett on our Motion for Summary Judgment. The argument went very well, handled by COAST General Counsel Christopher Finney.

As background, COAST Treasurer Mark Miller on behalf of COAST was “tweeting” about the second Streetcar ballot issue in the 2011 election (see this NYT article). Rob Richardson, Jr. of Cincinnatians for Progress trumped up “false claims” charges against COAST, which the OEC dismissed. But COAST decided to end the OEC’s reign of intimidation.

This case and the Susan B. Anthony List companion case, could spell the end to their “false claims” jurisdiction.

Judge Barrett promises a decision on the preliminary injunction soon (perhaps next week), with a decision on the merits of the case perhaps before year’s end.