Finney Law Firm News: Staying on top of of the COVID-19 crisis by the numbers

As our clients have noted from six years and a half years of our work to “Make a Difference,” Finney Law Firm  is actively working to assure that our attorneys are constantly up to date on developments in the law, and then impart that information to clients and the public with blog entries, e-newsletters, seminars, webinars and media appearances.

Our performance during the COVID-19 crisis has met and exceeded that standard.  And, because our clients hunger for information to help them to weather this unprecedented storm, the response has been overwhelming.

Here is our performance by the numbers since the beginning of March:

  • 28 COVID-related blog entries with critical legal updates for clients, including information on the PPP and EIDL programs from the SBA.
  • Those blog entries have had more than 6,300 “reads” since the crisis began.
  • 6 major Constant Contact e-mail blasts with important COVID-19 legal developments.
  • More than 13,250 “opens” of those emailed newsletters, a record number in one month.  We are seeing that the information is so valuable that there are a record number of “forwards” from clients to their contacts with our information, and those “forwards” are opening and reading the communications as well.
  • We have had 8 major TV and radio appearances relating to COVID-19 issues.
  • We have gotten calls from all over the nation for help on the PPP program from the SBA.
  • We have done or will do 4 webinars on the PPP program. Between the webinar live attendees and those watching the recordings, we will have reached more than 1,000 participants.
  • We have retained exclusive relationships with 1 Ohio e-notary and 1 Kentucky e-notary to become one of the first title companies to be able to do entirely electronic, remote closings over the internet through Ivy Pointe Title.

All of this is designed to assure we are as effective as we can be in serving you, by understanding the law, which is developing daily, by developing the contacts to achieve your objectives, and by imparting that knowledge in a usable format so you can implement to win on legal and economic battlefields that are daily emerging.

I congratulate and thank our team — lawyers, paralegals and staff — for contributing to this area of service to our clients.  And thank our clients — existing and new — for recognizing this sophisticated and cutting-edge approach to the practice of law for their benefit.

Let me know personally how the Finney Law Firm can help you to weather this storm.  My email is [email protected] and my phone numbers are 513.943.6655 (o) and 513.720.2996 (c).