City of Maple Heights, OH makes it official: They refuse to place Charter Amendment on the ballot

Our firm represents a group of citizens from the City of Maple Heights, Ohio who petitioned their City Council pursuant to the Ohio Constitution to place a Charter Amendment on the ballot this fall essentially banning Red Light Cameras and Speeding Cameras.

These folks simply exercised a specific procedure in the Ohio Constitution allowing for a public vote on the measure, and inclusion (if successful) in the governing document of the City.  Essentially, they wanted to take the decision on red light and speeding cameras away from their elected officials.

The City Law Director made it clear when the Finney Law Firm called a few weeks ago to arrange an orderly turn-in of the petitions that he had no intention of placing the issue before the voters.

Today, we received correspondence affirming that position.  Read it here.

We will be suing next week.  Please follow along.  The drama is exciting.