Dr. Henry Heimlich passes

One of Cincinnati’s most distinguished citizens — an accomplished inventor and scientist — passed yesterday with worldwide acclaim.

Dr. Henry Heimlich moved into the annals of history and medicine upon his death, and his significant accomplishments (which extend well beyond the Heimlich Maneuver) will endure for perpetuity.

But I knew him as a client and friend, and I can personally say it was an honor to have known him and worked with him.

He shared with me stories of his many accomplishments and how he conceived of his many life-saving inventions.  It was remarkable how his mind worked, but one of the remarkable features as how simple and logic-based his thinking was.  Some of the answers he conceived were right before our eyes, but only he saw them clearly.

That we all could think creatively, and simply, and so reasonably would be an asset to humanity.

RIP, Dr. Heimlich.   Rest in peace.

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