Navigating turbulent waters: Turning the tables on your opponent

When a client is being sued, it is important to fully explore all defenses available to them, but many times litigants and their counsel fail to come to the table with clean hands.  And in the right circumstances, that’s when you can turn the tables on your opponent.

Indeed, the law requires that certain counterclaims claims are compulsory, and the failure to bring them in the context of the litigation presented could be a bar to recovery in the future.

When exploring commercial disputes, the tools available to litigants are:

  1. Meritorious counterclaims;
  2. Actions for frivolous conduct against the party and his attorney under O.R.C. §2323.51, a statute designed to protect against being false dragged into court; and
  3. Actions for frivolous conduct against the party and his attorney under Civil Rule 11.

These tools are all too frequently used imprudently, which can either unnecessarily increase the length and expense of litigation or even expose the client to claims of frivolous conduct, but when carefully considered can change the calculus of litigation in favor of the client.

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