Enquirer reports on developments in Tea Party v. IRS litigation

It has been four long years of litigation, class certification, motions, discovery, an interlocutory appeal to the 6th Circuit, and more motions, but the only certified class action against the IRS arising from Tea Party targeting is approaching trial in 2018, if the Plaintiffs survive the IRS’ motion to have the case preemptively disposed of on summary judgment.

Those motions are being briefed right now before U.S. District Court Judge Michael Barrett, and today’s Cincinnati Enquirer has the story on those briefings here.

A few things to note about the case:

  • The Jeff Sessions Justice Department continues to defend the suit under President Donald Trump in much the same vigorous fashion as it did under Loretta Lynch and President Obama.
  • IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, whom Congressional Investigators accused of stonewalling investigators and covering up for Lois Lerner’s and the IRS’ excesses, remains in his role.
  • Judge Barrett has for now sealed the deposition transcripts of Lois Lerner and Holly Paz, the architects of the IRS targeting.  The sealing was at the request of Lerner and Paz who claimed to fear harassment if their testimony were revealed.

This firm is pleased to serve as local counsel, along with David Langdon, to the Tea Party groups in this important litigation.