Judge Susan Dlott certifies class action in Tea Party v. IRS litigation

Today, U.S.  District Court Judge Susan Dlott certified a class action in the lawsuit against the IRS for its illegal targeting of Tea Party groups.

The Finney Law Firm is proud to join lead attorney Eddie Greim of Graves Garrett in Kansas City and local attorney David Langdon in representing the Tea Party groups in this litigation.

The scandal, which broke into the news in the summer of 2013 with stories of how the IRS first segregated applications for tax exempt status from Tea Party groups and then subjected those applications to prolonged delays, intrusive questioning, and additional scrutiny that other groups seeking the same tax treatment did not receive.  Lois Lerner was widely identified as having conceived and advanced the discriminatory treatment of liberty groups.

The Wall Street Journal has today’s development here and the Cincinnati Enquirer has good coverage of the topic here.  Previously, Judge Dlott ruled in favor of the Tea Party groups in denying the government’s motion to dismiss the suit, and has compelled production of key evidence the government has sought to conceal.