Professor Volokh tackles Reed v. Town of Gilbert for us

We had planned on an insightful analysis of the Reed v. Town of Gilbert decision, for, as our loyal blog readers know, this decision is of keen interest to us.  This is so because we have a “me too” petition pending before the Supreme Court on a case involving very similar issues of law and fact, Wagner v. City of Garfield Heights.  If the U.S. Supreme Court properly follows the Town of Gilbert precedent set today, we should notch our 3rd U.S. Supreme Court win for the firm in only 18 months of existence.  Hopefully, that will come before the end of the month.

But such work detailing the Town of Gilbert decision is not needed, because Professor Volokh in his Volokh Conspiracy column and web page for the Washington Post tackles the analysis for us, here: Supreme Court reaffirms broad prohibition on content-based speech restrictions, in today’s Reed v. Town of Gilbert decision.

So, read it and rejoice in the affirmation of our First Amendment liberties.  We shall instead of writing, head to the pool!




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