First American issues yet another wire fraud alert

First, we hear pretty regularly from Realtors, investors, and lenders of incredibly ingenious and devious wire fraud attempts.  And indeed some of these endeavors  succeed.  These are happening with greater and greater regularity in every community in the nation by fraudsters throughout the globe.

Second, we got this alert from our underwriter, First American Title Insurance Company today:

Fridays before holiday weekends represent an exponentially higher risk to fall victim to WIRE FRAUD.

Criminals know our business and have learned to take advantage of a busy agent’s desire to provide customer service and quickly move transactions to conclusion before the banks close for a long weekend.

NEVER ACCEPT WIRE INSTRUCTIONS VIA EMAIL without utilizing call-back verification procedures to a known, safe phone number. Don’t fall victim to wire fraud.

Enjoy a safe and secure holiday weekend.

So, to our clients and friends, we caution you to be safe out there!