Graves Garrett work featured in WSJ

The Finney Law Firm is privileged to serve as co-counsel to the firm Graves Garrett from Kansas City, MO in the sole surviving case of Tea Party groups suing the Internal Revenue Service and others for illegal harassment and targeting.  You may read more about that here.

But Graves Garrett and its principals Todd Graves and Eddie Greim were also counsel for Wisconsin Club for Growth and its director, Eric O’Keefe, in important litigation to stop the illegal searches, seizures and prosecution in a “nearly three-year secret investigation that tried to muzzle conservative groups and cripple Governor Scott Walker.”

That work recently succeeded in a decision from the Wisconsin Supreme Court ordering that the investigation cease and that the prosecutors destroy copies of documents illegally obtained.

The Wall Street Journal recently praised that ruling in this editorial, and highlighted Graves Garrett’s role in bringing “the constitutional issues into focus.”  You may read that editorial here (behind the WSJ firewall).

Read Graves Garrett’s press release here.

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