Constitutional Law: Finney Law Firm and 1851 Center file suit to end unlawful pandemic regulations

Friday, Finney Law Firm and The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law filed suit in Warren County, Ohio to fully open Ohio day cares. Under orders from Ohio Department of Health Director Lance Himes day cares are operating at only partial capacity and under draconian rules.  Judge Timothy Tepe has been assigned to the case.

You may read the Complaint here and below.

The release from the 1851 Center is here.

The suit follows decisions obtained by these same attorneys in Rock House Fitness (Judge Eugene Lucci, Lake County) and Kalahari Resorts (Erie County, Judge Binette) finding that Dr. Amy Acton’s orders shuttering Ohio businesses was illegal and unconstitutional.

For more information, contact Chris Finney (513.720.2996).

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