Our latest win against the Ohio Elections Commission gets press

We wrote here about our important win against a state statute that harasses non-incumbent candidates for public office when they fail to place the word “for” between their name and the office sought.  It was a silly statute, and regulatory and enforcement scheme, until you realize how pernicious their work really was.

Read the Columbus Dispatch article .

Read the Court News Ohio article here.

This case is the third in a series of important wins against the statutes enforced by the Ohio Elections Commission that for years has resulted in endless harassment and intimidation of candidates for public office engaging in political speech.  Two of these cases went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court where we attained a reversal of the 6th Circuit and District Court decisions..

The OEC has basically hung out the “out of business” sign on more than 3/4 of its work regulating elections thanks to these important cases.