New ordinance proposes to regulate Cincinnati Air BNBs

Fox19 is reporting today that the City of Cincinnati is considering legislation to regulate Air BNB rental units in the City of Cincinnati.  Features of the proposed ordinance:

  • it would regulate short term rentals of entire dwelling units for periods of 30 days or less at a time.
  • Rentals for each unit would be limited to 90 days out of any calendar year.
  • Unit owners would have to license each unit and renew the license every year.
  • Unit owners would have to submit to annual zoning, building, safety, and housing code inspections.
  • Unit owners would have to have liability insurance on the property,
  • Unit owners would be required to pay taxes on the rental income, including a transient occupancy tax.

The purposes for the ordinance  from the Fox19 are:

  • to reduce the negative impact of short term rentals
  • to protect residential tenants who otherwise would be evicted to allow for conversion of their  units for AirBNB occupants
  • to keep AirBNB renters safer.

Read the Fox19 article here.