Federal Income Taxes: One more note for pre-payers

Our blog and every major media outlet has been writing about pre-payment of 2018 real estate taxes (see prior blog entries).  So, for procrastinators on pre-payment (how’s that for a mind-bender?), do you have to drive to the Treasurers office today to do that so that the payment is posted in 2017?


Here’s the update from our crack paralegal team today:

According to the Treasurer’s Office, they post the payments as of the date of the postmark from the post office.

Also, they do have options for paying the real estate taxes online (via credit card), however there are convenience fees that are charged (credit card, 2.5%; electronic check, $1.50 per check).

If mailing a check, make sure the parcel number is in the memo of each check.  I would also mail with each check a copy of the summary from the Auditor showing the new annual tax amount.

So, save yourself the trip and wait in line.  Drop that check on the mail.