Plaintiffs file class certification motion in case of Tea Party groups v. IRS before Judge Dlott

Our firm is counsel in proposed class action litigation on behalf of Tea Party groups against the Internal Revenue Service in front of Federal District Court Judge Susan J. Dlott.  This week, we filed our Motion for Class Certification, which is a major milestone in that court battle.  That motion is here.

As background, four groups have filed suit challenging the actions of the IRS in targeting Tea Party and liberty groups nationwide from February of 2010 to June of 2013 were targeted for harassment, delay and increased scrutiny in the processing of their tax exemption applications.  This is the only one of those cases presently proceeding through discovery and motion work, towards trial.

The motion is slightly redacted for technical reasons.

Although it sounds like a dry topic, we recommend for a read the Class Certification Motion as it summarizes the status of discovery to date on material issues in the case.

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