Valuation services right the portfolio

Isolated to a single property, the tax valuation services offered by Finney Law Firm can provide significant annualized property tax savings for clients.  Read about these services here.

But for larger companies, “righting” their portfolio can have such a significant impact, that it affects a quarterly earnings report, and indeed increases the market capitalization of the company.

The attorneys of the Finney Law Firm have been retained to represent several significant regional and national corporations in tax valuation work, efficiently evaluating dozens or hundreds of properties using our affiliated valuation consultants, and bringing challenges on those that are “over assessed” by the County Auditor or Property Valuation Administrator.

When the results begin to roll in in the fall of each year, not for just one or two properties, but across the portfolio, the impact to the bottom line — annualized — can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Then, the impact on the quarterly and annualized earnings reports can generate a significant increase in market valuation of the company.

Please contact us to learn how we can help your company “right” its portfolio to pay only your fair share of real estate taxes going forward.

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