Finney Law Firm retained to sue City of Maple Heights over refusal to place Charter Amendment on the ballot

A citizens group in Maple Heights, Ohio organized this year to place on the ballot a Charter Amendment to ban red light and speeding cameras in their City.  In doing so, they sought the assistance of the Finney Law Firm to draft their petition and in early August submitted the petitions with the requisite number of signatures to the City Council.  The right to place the issue on the ballot is set forth in the Ohio Constitution.

The City Law Director responded to that petition and a subsequent taxpayer demand letter from the petitioners by refusing to either place the issue on the ballot, or even submit the question to a vote of the Council.  Indeed, his response letter was dripping with condescension aimed towards these citizens simply exercising their rights under the Ohio Constitution.

As a result, our firm was retained and this past week we filed suit, requesting a writ of mandamus, with the Ohio Supreme Court.  Copies of the Complaint and Memorandum in Support are linked here and here.

We will keep our readers advised as to the outcome of that litigation.