Today’s Washington Times features our firm’s class action against the IRS

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Our firm is pleased to serve as local counsel in the class action against the Internal Revenue Service for the targeting of Tea Party and other liberty groups for extra scrutiny and delayed 501-C-3 and C-4 tax exemption applications.

Last week, the IRS finally provided the list of groups it targeted.  That development is featured in today’s Washington Times.  You may read that here.  You may recall that the production of that list was hotly contested by the IRS, and produced only

The list has grown considerably from the groups the IRS Inspector General originally claimed were targeted of 298 to 426 in the latest IRS filing, that that fails to include some 40 groups who opted out of the litigation.  In all, that means more than 462 groups nationwide were subject to enhanced IRS scrutiny and prolonged delays in processing their tax exemption applications.

That litigation is ably led by Eddie Greim of Graves Garrett  from Kansas City.

Fox News Channel has a great story as well here.

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That case is pending before U.S. District Court Judge Michael Barrett of the Southern District of Ohio.  District Court Judge Susan Dlott recently recused herself after more than two years presiding over the case.