It’s Property Tax Valuation time, again!

The Finney Law Firm has an extensive practice in property tax valuation work, assisting property owners in correcting the valuation of over-assessed properties in Ohio by the County Auditor and in Kentucky by the Property Valuation Administrator.  Since its founding, this firm has filed and won (or advantageously settled) more than 300 such Complaints, including for major corporate clients as well as small investors and individual homeowners.

We can either charge for this work at our standard hourly rate (plus expenses) or on creative contingent fee and fixed fee formulations.

This year, the Warren County Auditor has re-assessed all parcels in that County, and since this is the first year of the tri-ennial cycle, every property owner there has the right to challenge that valuation. We are in the second year of that cycle in Hamilton, Clermont and Butler Counties.

Read here about this year’s Property Tax Valuation class before the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors.

Finally, watch here the on-line video wherein Attorney Chris Finney shares with you the step-by-step method you can appeal a tax valuation in Ohio on your own.

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