Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes has a revamped web site and a nifty mobile app!

Realtors have amazing new tools at their fingertips almost daily with emerging web sites and smart phone apps.  Still, we are impressed with the new web site and mobile app of the Hamilton County Auditor.

HamiltonCountyAuditor.org  has a smart new interface and valuable tools for Realtors, including:

  • Property search, which quickly allows you to access property description, auditor’s valuation, tax information and sales history.
  • Detailed instructions for property valuation complaints.
  • On-line forms such as the CAUV form, rental registration form, and a Homestead exemption form.
  • A calculator that estimates the impact of upcoming tax levies on your property’s taxes.
  • Streetview photos and aerial/CAGIS imaging of the property.

Dusty Rhodes also has a nifty mobile phone app available both for I-Phones and Android phones that allows for limited information under the property search function such as Auditor’s valuation, sales history and streetview and aerial images of the property.

We recommend that every Realtor, commercial and residential, load the mobile app to their phone.  It is a powerful tool.


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