It’s Constitution Day, so celebrate!

We have much to celebrate in the United States of America, and one of the founding documents that have made this country great is the U.S. Constitution.

Congress has set aside September 17 each year to celebrate that document and to reflect on what it means to our Republic.

Unlike many other law firms, one facet of our practice includes constitutional litigation — we explore and examine not just whether government agencies are reading their regulations correctly, but whether they have the right to regulate in a particular are at all.  This approach to the law has taken us to the U.S. Supreme Court three times in 18 months, and given us spectacular wins on behalf of our clients challenging government action.

It is the wisdom of the drafters of the U.S. Constitution that gives us these fundamental rights to challenge — and win against — overbearing government actors, an advantage against big government that does not exist almost anywhere else in the world.

So, indeed take a moment today to celebrate this document that makes much of what we enjoy in America possible.