Former Kings Superintendent featured on NBC Channel 4 in Columbus

Our firm is handling an important case dealing with the cruel child abuse of multiple-handicapped, non-verbal children at Kings Local School District’s Columbia Elementary School.

The abuse occurred under the rein of Superintendent Valerie Browning.  Our readers may recall that we sued at the Ohio Supreme Court to obtain copies of eight deposition transcripts that documented the abuse.  Worse, the District gave the abusive teacher tens of thousands in severance and a glowing letter of recommendation.  Finally, Browning read a statement when the documents were released, claiming to have kept the parents of the abused children informed of what had happened to their children. This last statement was not true.

Last November, Kings voters replaced their school board with a more reform-minded group, and last month Browning announced her resignation to accept a new position in the Pickerington Ohio District, a suburb of Columbus.

Local parents are outraged, and last week, a Columbus TV station reported on the events in question.  Watch the story here.

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