Finney Law Firm represents Maple Heights Council member against Mayor and Council President

Today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer has an article about our firm’s new suit against the Mayor and City Council President for the release of confidential tax information about our client, and for violations of his First Amendment rights.

Our client is Maple Heights, OH Council member Bill Brownlee. Brownlee operates a web site called Maple Heights News, where he comments on and posts videos of happenings in their City, including developments at City Hall.  Well, the City Council President disliked what he had to say at a Council meeting, so she kicked him out of the meeting under threat of arrest.  She further ordered his video camera shut off.

Finally, because the Mayor disliked his political stand on a ballot issue, the Mayor obtained and released Brownlee’s personal income tax information to the public, information that is to be maintained as strictly confidential under Ohio law.

Read more here.  See the story on Action 19 News here.



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