Constitutional Law: Channel 19 covers illegal arrest and search of Realtor and home buyer while simply viewing house

Tonight, Channel 19 has a well-researched story by Jennifer Edwards Baker of our clients, Jerry Isham — Realtor — and his buyer Tony Edwards, innocently looking at a house in West Price Hill for possible sale, when they were rousted by eight Cincinnati Police Officers with guns drawn.  The police then illegally detained and handcuffed the pair, and illegally searched Mr. Isham’s pockets.

They had done absolutely nothing illegal; they had done absolutely nothing wrong.

It’s truly as if CPD officers have received no training on the constitutional limit on the exercise of their their policy powers.

Incidentally, CPD illegally destroyed seven of the body cam and dash cam videos of the incident after they were subject to a formal public records request from the City.

Read the Ch. 19 story here:   Lawsuit: Realtor, prospective home buyer illegally detained by CPD after retired cop calls 911.

The Fox 19 video story is here.

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