Public lnterest law: Cincinnati Enquirer sues to open “Lois Lerner” confidentiality hearing before Judge Michael Barrett

On Friday, the Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today wrote about our case, NorCal Tea Party v. IRS, the only nationally-certified class action challenging the IRS’ and Lois Lerner’s targeting of Tea Party groups for extraordinary review in their non-profit applications.

The new development in that long-running case is that Lois Lerner and her chief lieutenant, Holly Paz, seek to have their deposition testimony sealed, and indeed all pleadings relating to the sealing sealed as well. (You will remember that Lois Lerner pled the 5th before Congress and refused to testify about the scandal, and her role therein.) Indeed, Judge Barrett has ordered a sealed hearing on those motions for this Friday.  You may read all about that here.

Well, today, the Gannett GP Media, Inc., the parent company of USA Today and the Cincinnati Enquirer, filed a motion to intervene in the case for the purpose of forcing open the pleadings, the deposition transcripts and the hearing.

Read about that here.

The Enquirer’s Motion is here and their tendered Memorandum in Opposition to the Lerner/Paz motions is here.

In our firm’s relentless pursuit of public interest law, we consider this issue, and this case, to be among the most consequential matters we have addressed.

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