Chief Justice’s comments on speedier, more efficient litigation are meaningful for litigants in small cases

Let’s face it, the high cost of litigation drives the outcome for most litigation, as most litigation is low-dollar litigation The vast majority of cases for individuals and business do not involve millions of dollars or momentous constitutional issues.

Thus, Chief Justice’s Roberts comments of today urging trial courts and litigants to achieve a swifter and a more efficient route for litigation has application to the majority of cases this firm handles.

Unfortunately, one party or another to litigation frequently has reason to obstruct the case getting to trial and driving up the cost of litigation.  And, candidly, it seems that some attorneys want to “work a case” — i.e., pull fees from it, before working towards a reasonable settlement.

To work through the thicket of discovery and motions, it frequently falls to the trial judge to move a case along.  Chief Justice Roberts today, among other things, urged trial judges, to do just that.

For our clients, plaintiffs and defendants, that will serve the cause of justice.


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